Split 7" MGq-Sexy rexy

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The split ep with our italian pals (sexy rexy) is out !!!...

Mgq toured with sexy rexy, in october 2011 (the mother of infection tour), played 10 dates around France, had a lot of fun, met fantastic people. Basically, mgq took a two-day break to record at lo spider's swampland studio. Things went different, we decided to offer Rexy one day of studio. One day recording for each band, it was a bit short, but a nice experience, we hope you'll enjoy the result!"

4 trax recorded by Lo Spider

cover art: troma with help of Jmb Liseron



Mgq: big mess / Aïcha

sexy rexy:  c'n'r / 4u


available right now ... troma3000@yahoo.fr